Inolait Air Circulator Fan Desk Fan Energy Efficient Ultra Quiet 50°Auto Oscillation Fan 3 Speed Perfect for Desk Bedroom Office


? Advanced Technology Fan ?When using a traditional fan, do you often feel dry skin and headaches, but still can't feel the real coolness? Different from an ordinary fan. Our circulating...

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? Advanced Technology Fan ?When using a traditional fan, do you often feel dry skin and headaches, but still can't feel the real coolness? Different from an ordinary fan. Our circulating fan can quickly balance the room temperature through innovative and unique airflow patterns, allowing you to quickly feel cool within a few minutes, thereby creating a healthy and cool environment without worrying about headaches and skin problems.

?Cooling Whole Summer? The air circulation fans adopt turbo technology to form a convective circulation of indoor air silently and it could blow long distances to accelerate air circulation and achieve indoor temperature balance. Used together with an air conditioner, it can balance and reduce indoor temperature faster.

?All Seasons Available?Traditional fans can only be used in summer. Our circulating fans can be used in four seasons. In addition to providing cool air in summer, they can also be used with dehumidifiers in spring to speed up dehumidification, and in autumn with purifiers to improve purification efficiency. When used with a heater in winter, the indoor air temperature rises rapidly to balance the indoor temperature.

?Ultra-quiet & Low Energy Consumption Fan ? Using industry-leading whisper-quiet low-energy DC motors, the noise level is as low as (43.5dB). When used in conjunction with air conditioners, it can quickly reduce the indoor air temperature and balance the indoor temperature. Multi-functional, energy-saving and environmentally friendly.

? Automatic Oscillation Cooling Fan? Patented head-shaking structure, automatic 50° shaking head automatic horizontal oscillation can realize fully automatic and multi-directional airflow. Compared with traditional fans, this helps to circulate air in a large area more efficiently and quickly.

?LED Display &?The easy-to-use LED display panel and give you complete flexibility to control the operating mode, speed, oscillation and timer of the DC fan. You can also turn off the LED display to cool down completely undisturbed at night or around sleeping babies.

?3 Fan Speeds? Designed with 3 precision-designed ABS blades and 3 fan speeds, it provides soft and quiet cooling at a lower fan speed, which is very suitable for bedrooms, nurseries and offices, and provides ultra-high fan speeds. Strong airflow to maximize cooling and air circulation.

?Widely Use Circulator Fan ?9-inch fan, super-sized air outlet, strong air volume, large blowing range and long-distance. Covering up to 35 square meters of surface, it is very suitable for refreshing all the rooms of the house.

?Easy to Clean? Are you worried that the fan cannot be disassembled, a lot of dust will accumulate inside, which may cause allergies. Don't worry, using our air circulation fan. It is removable and washable, so there is no need to worry about cleaning up dust after a long time. Safe and secure.

Model Number
Colour ?Grey
Power / Wattage ?35 watts
Material ?Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene
Number of Speeds ?3
Noise Level ?43 dB
Special Features ?Cooling Fan, Air Circulator Fan
Item Weight ?6.24lb
Air Circulator Fan
Desk Fan